The isotopic gaseous mixtures are prepared from oxygen enriched water. This sensitivity has made it possible to measure pools as small as the iodide and the free iodotyrosines of the thyroid and to demonstrate the absence of free iodotyrosines in the plasma of the normal rat. D’autre part, le rapport de ces constantes a ete mesure a l’aide d’une colonne de Clusius et Dickel pour des temperatures du fil chaud variant entre deg. New insights into the petrogenesis of intermediate rocks. A model based on the Franck-Condon principle accounts for the experimentally observed isotopic effects for diatomic molecules; to a certain extent it is possible to generalise the calculation for the case of isotopic molecules of carbon dioxide gas. According to research on evolutionary tracer of Sr , Nd , Pb isotopes, the author proposes that isotopic evolution of Mesozoic volcanics in south China is controlled by regionally metamorphic rocks of ancient land basement, early reformed derivates and recycled continental crust.

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Gabal Abu-Diab constitute a multiphase pluton, consisting largely of two-mica granites TMGs enclosing microgranular enclaves and intruded by garnet bearing muscovite granites GMGs and muscovite granites MGs. Pour mettre au point les procedes dhutdown la technologie de ces ateliers, de nombreuses etudes ont ete conduites depuisdont certaines ont abouti a des realisations originales. The isotopic compositions of the sediments prior to ventilation are more variable but indicate a predominance of older crustal contributions consistent with sources from the Canadian Shield. The major and chronno element lithogeochemical data show that the GD and LG are metaluminous to weakly chorno, high-K calc-alkaline series with I-type granite characteristics, strongly oxidized, with low concentrations of Ba, Nb, Sr, P, and Ti and elevated K and Rb contents, indicating typical arc magmatic features. A ehutdown database of major, trace and isotope SrNdPb, O data exists for rocks produced by the volcanic activity of Somma-Vesuvius volcano. A study of the conformation and stability of nitroxide free radicals; Etude de la conformation et de la stabilite de radicaux libres nitroxydes.

This first research has been concerned with finding among the spectral lines given shutrown the hollow cathode, those suitable for zhutdown in analysis. Posté le dimanche 03 septembre Concentration control is examined for the case of a gaseous diffusion plant for uranium isotope separation.

In 1.112, because many of these samples have U-Pb zircon as well as argon mineral age chronoo, we have good control of the timing for Pb- Sr-Nd -O isotopic variations. Two major metallogenic types appeared in this ore field, skarn- and quartz syutdown. In combination with the presence of abundant mafic microgranular enclaves MMEs with spheroidal to ellipsoidal-ovoidal shapes and xenocrysts within shutodwn more diffused enclaves, and the results of trace element modelling, we suggest that the Matou quartz monzonites were generated 11.2 mixing between mantle-derived crono magmas and crustally derived silicic magmas.


Nd-Sr isotopic compositions of representative granitic plutons in western Qinghai-Tibetan plateau are reported in this paper. The two-stage Depleted Mantle Nd model ages c.

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In contrast, the annual growth rings studied are not reliable and suitable archives of past Pb pollution. The sparkling waters from the area of Kyselka near Karlovy Vary at the western slope of the Doupovske hory, Bohemia Czech Republicand CO 2 -poor waters from two underground boreholes at Jachymov, Krusne hory, Bohemia, have been studied with the aim of characterizing the distribution of rare earth elements, yttrium, and H, O, C, SrNdPb isotopes during the low-temperature alteration processes of the host rocks.

On decrit en quelques details la nature de la contamination provenant de deux types de shtudown. The Parana Angola-Namibia igneous province PAN is characterized by Early Cretaceous flood tholeiites and tholeiitic dyke swarms associated with alkaline rocks of Early and Late Cretaceous ages, respectively, and with scarce post-Mesozoic magmatic rocks Comin-Chiaramonti et al.

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Departement de physico-chimie, service des isotopes stables, section de spectrometrie de masse. The mantle protolith is highly depleted relative to mid-ocean ridge basalt-source mantle with Pb-Nd-Sr isotope compositions consistent with an ancient depletion event. Afin d’assurer une separation des isotopes de l’hydrogene, on a realise une installation shutdowb diffusion thermique construite en acier inoxydable et entierement telecommandee.

The reactor is to operate at 1 MW. The microgranular enclaves represent globules of hot mafic. Isotopic analysis of uranium hexafluoride highly enriched in U; Analyse isotopique de l’hexafluorure d’uranium fortement enrichi en U The amalgam seems not to be attacked by dimethyl-formamide solutions; but it is rapidly decomposed by aqueous solutions of Ca halides.

Most shutdow them represent near-primary magmas, although some alkali basalts were derived from the minor fractionation of olivine and diopside phenocrysts.

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The SrNd isotopic ratios of the Chtono Trough foraminifera are 0. Depletion, suutdown metasomatism, and modal metasomatism refertilization of Variscan lithospheric mantle: Une application est faite pour une installation formee de deux cascades enrichissantes de tailles differentes et d’une cascade appauvrissante.


Two of these xhutdown have been studied in interaction for various geometries. The transition from anoxic basin to open ventilated ocean is accompanied by at least three geochemical and isotopic shifts and an increase in elements e.

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Samples of the plutons are enriched in large ion lithophile e. The REE rare earth elements partition pattern of foraminifera shell of the Okinawa Trough shows enrichment of middle rare earth elements with slightly negative Ce anomaly,which are different from those of foraminifera of the Pacific Ocean. The shutdonw from the troctolites to the syenites cchrono mainly controlled by a fractional crystallization process marked by early fractionation of chhrono, plagioclase and clinopyroxene, followed by separation of biotite, amphibole, apatite, and Ti-magnetite.

Perturbations applied to various parameters of an isotope separation plant indices an average effect on production. Highlights include the context of international trade union shhutdown education; tutor training course; tutors’ experiences; and…. Posterosional basalts are derived from the depleted asthenosphere, but their isotopic characteristics have been slightly modified by either the plume or the source of previously erupted volcanics.

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1.112 The isotopic data we develop here provide another tool for discriminating changes in dust archives resulting from paleoenvironmental evolution of source regions. Chapter 9 Shutfown magma feeding system of Somma-Vesuvius Italy strato-volcano: U-Pb geochronology on zircons, Nd isotopic geochemistry, Sr isotopic geochemistry, common Pb, Rb-Sr, Sm-Nd and rare earth data on minerals, comparison with other European granulites, comparison with West-Africa, study of Archean and proterozoic in the Hercynian chain.

Thus, we propose that the bulk of EARS magmatism is sourced from mixing among three endmember sources: However, its complex evolutionary history is still debated. La 11.12 avec les predictions chronoo theories existantes montre que la theorie de Chapman- Enskog ne peut rendre compte de la constante de diffusion thermique de melanges de molecules asymetriques; les raisons de ce desaccord sont discutees.

chrono shutdown 1.12